Two is better than one


Remember me? If you’re fairly new around these parts, then probably not, so why don’t I catch you up?  I’m a Cuban bee living in Canada who had really heartfelt, bilingual  catholic ceremony followed by a semi-formal ballroom reception in Old Montreal; and as a totally non-biased party, I can honestly say it was pretty darn amazing ;)! Seriously though, our friends and family still talk about what a great time they had at our wedding, two years later, and it makes us so happy to know that everybody had as much fun as we did!

Our wedding day was everything I had dreamed of and more, but being married to Mr. W has been the best outcome of that day, by far.

I read somewhere that the first two years of marriage are the hardest, and I’m not sure that was the case for us because these last two years have without a doubt, been some of the best of my life! So what’s changed for us this year? Honestly, not much. We’ve mostly been enjoying working together on our house, cooking lots of delicious meals together,and being puppy parents to our puppy, Will.


Will celebrated his first birthday this year!

In many ways, it sort of feels like it did before we got married, and yet, it somehow feels different. Every time I catch a glimpse of my wedding ring, my heart just wants to explode with joy and love for my husband. I would definitely say that the best part of being married so far is that sense of belonging to a private little club of two people.


My human

We also got some amazing news this year. I am officially in remission! And while I still have to continue on my medication and have regular follow-ups with my doctor, I am officially tumor-free!

So what’s on the menu for tonight? I’ll be surprising Mr. Waterfall with a relaxing one-week vacation/anniversary trip to the beach! After we exchange gifts, we will probably just have a quiet dinner for two and toast with some non-alcoholic champagne, because we have a little baby Waterfall on the way!

That's right! We have a bun in the oven!

That’s right! We have a bun in the oven!

So hive, that’s it for this year! But I hope to be back again soon, I miss you all too much to stay away for good. ‘Till we meet again!

XOXO, Mrs. Waterfall,

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