Falling for You: #Selfie

While dancing was obviously a huge part of our reception, Mr. Waterfall and I knew that we really wanted to offer a photo booth to our guests. And boy was it ever a hit! It was fun for the whole family.
Flower Girl M with her brother JC (my parents’ godson) and their parents
We negotiated the photobooth as part of our photography package instead of going with a separate photobooth company, mostly for budget reasons. Jesse and Catherine set up the booth, which was completely automated, and our guests did the rest. It was so easy so use that people of all ages were lining up and striking a pose, from our older guests:
To the littlest ones!
Our adorable flower girls. Seriously, I can`t even deal with the cuteness!
From big groups:
Best Man Tequila and some of Mr. Waterfall’s friends
To couples making out:
To guests of the plastic variety. Why yes, I am referring to Ms. Barbara Millicent Roberts, aka Barbie ūüėČ
While some people swear that photobooths are on their way out, I just don`t see that happening. Seriously, the booth was packed all night, even we had to wait in line, and we were the bride and groom!
One of our only photobooth pictures. I wish I had time to do more of everything!

I initially had wanted a photobooth guestbook, where guests could print out their photo strip and stick it in the guestbook, but our photographers pointed out some possible issues, so we decided against it in the end. I do plan to make a guestbook scrapbook eventually with my favorite photos from the booth. We also mailed them to our guests in their thank you cards. Everyone loved getting their photos as a souvenir.

MIL Waterfall and Lil`Waterfall, having a blast!

I made all the props myself, the week before the wedding, with some help from MOH Long Legs, and they really turned out great! We actually made money off the props, since I was able to resell them after the wedding and they didn’t cost us anything to make.

Top row, Left to right: Brother GM, Friend C, Best Friend A, BF Long Legs
Middle row, left to right: Friend J, Girlfriend C, MOH Long Legs

Bottom row: Cousin C and BM Tiny
Some people got really creative with their props!

But I think the bunny ears were definitely the most popular!

Exhibit A:

My Godmother, Grandma Waterfall, and some cousins

Exhibit B:

Mami and Papi Waterfall with their friends

Exhibit C:

GM of Doom and BM Tiny

Exhibit D:

Hanging out with my girls! SO much fun.

My only regret when it comes to the photobooth is that we didn’t use it more, but then again, I had a blast dancing with all my guests out on the dance floor.

Are you planning on having a photobooth?
All photos courtesy of the amazing Bachmann Photography unless otherwise specified
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